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Vedic Astrologers Gurgaon, Vaastu consultants, Vedic Astrology, Delhi, Gurgaon, India
Drishta  An Institution Founded By Ex Senior Bureaucrats/ Civil Servants Of High Repute For Attainment In The Fields Of  Spirituality, Mythology, Astrology And Vaastu  Shashtra To Help You Find Answers To Your Querries Concerning Your Health , Longevity, Career, Education, Married Live, Unforeseen Problems, Progeny, Litigation , Auspicious Muhurt, For New Ventures, Compatability In Marriage Etc
Shri V.K  Gaur ( b.1942) –an eminent astrologer  of North India is a Post graduate of 1961.He retired as InspectorGeneral  ( Govt of India). He has been practicing Vedic Astrology and Pauranic Vaastu based on Vedic sources and Pauranic sciptures, Parashari, Mansagari, Nakshatra Jyotish, Bhrigu Samhita etc,. He was initiated into astrology by Pt. Raj Kishore Sharma.
Vedic Jyotish system helps resolve problems concerning health, diseases, longevity, income, wealth, profession/business, honor, security, progeny, spouse, well being , growth, unforeseen events, mishaps and spirituality.
He specializes in Vaastu that produces miraculous effects on day to day life.Its proper interpretation and application and brings harmony,peace and prosperiety in life. Consult him before starting construction or before entering the new home or to find solutions to  problems caused by Va,astu dosh otherwise not known to you  at your living/work place.
Pt. S K Sharma ( b.1942) a retired senior bureaucrat  steeped in astrological sciences that he inherited from his father Pt. Rajkishore Sharma  and his grand father Pt. Mishri Lal Sharma at an early age. He has keenly been studying Vedic literature on astrology and watching effects of astrological configurations through empirical studies. He specializes in predicting and interpreting peace prosperity and happiness in family, married life profession and business sphere.