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Vastu in sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or environment.the word "vaastu"
Denotes anything existing such as house, shelter, building etc.shastra in sanskrit means systems.vastu shastra is an ancient art and Science, containing principles and practises of constructing buildings which ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bring all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.
Vastushastra helps you gain  form Panchamahabhootas, the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. They are…

Prithvi – Earth,  Akash – Sky, Vayoo - Wind , Agni – Fire,  Jal – Water.
Vedic Literature enunciates fine details of Vastu Shashtra. Its detailed description is avialable  in Narad Puran.  Ancient sages drew there knowledge from Vedic sources and   propounded several principles for constructing religious and residential buildings keeping in consideration the nature, Panchmahabhoot,gravitational,magnetic effects and impact of Sun, Moon,Earth and other planets on the life on the Earth.The principles of Vastu  aim at creating balance  and harmony among men, nature and buildings to ensure peace, prosperiety, longevity,success and happiness.It is an art and science developed over thousands of years of experience and knowledge of our ancient sages.Yhey exorted us to worship and respect the lords of eight Dishaen ( Directions) to reap the blessings for success, peace prosperiety and affluence.

It is essential to understand that the principles are vital for peace and affluence in residential, commercial and religious buildings. Does the place, where you or work connect to you  your organization and your clients? Or does the space where you live create harmony in your family? Do  you feel at ease, comfortable or do you feel disturbed because there is something amiss?

The design of too many homes, business places and hospitals ignore the power of space: its ability to create a negative or positive impact. Think of how you feel when you are in the meadows, an orchard, valley of flowers or lush green surroundings? Pleasant environment bears testimony of Nature’s influence. You  need  healthy environments that make you feel welcomed, respected, and at ease.
You must consult vastu specialist  before yoy buy land ,building or share in a large complex. Suitability of plot , building ,interior decoration,door and windows,cooking, sitting , working place, kitchen, place of worship,water tank, store for heavy store  furniture design and andconstructiojn are important constituents of vastu shashtra.
We provide  Vastu consulatancy for the follwing:
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Residential Vastu
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